About us

All our teachers have high qualifications and are professional native speakers with international experience.

The School has a laboratory for studies in Physics and Chemistry, linguistic classrooms, a handicraft room, music rooms, an art studio and a well-equipped hall for school productions.
In our School children can attend the classes of: swimming, football, lawn and table tennis, basketball, fencing, horse riding lessons, chess, checkers, martial art, acrobatics, artistic skating; roller-skating, skateboarding and cycling lessons, climbing, rowing and canoeing, and much more.

The program envisages one excursion at the end of each month.

At the end of the school year all students take General Certificate of Secondary Education.
On the website of the School you can find the complete information about us, but probably the best way to get acquainted with the School is to visit us.
This is just here, in the International School of Dnepr, where there is the unique opportunity to get the high quality education at the level of international standards.

The school bus picks up and delivers a student at the house doors! 

The courses are taught in English.