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Nowadays School

Nowadays School: 8 facts about School

No school uniforms, projects dedicated to presidents, and allied lessons of foreign languages

The profile School focuses on training in biotechnical sciences, engineering, mathematics, chemistry and physics. The non-standard School: in ordinary American high school 1200 – 2000 people attend studying courses, here – only 320 schoolchildren. The School is fitted with all necessary equipment to perform researches and manage projects. They bring up lifetime learners — eternal researchers, who do not have to build knowledge around one subject, but to develop themselves comprehensively and meet requirements of the time.

  1. There are notebooks for each student and electronic document turnover

When entering the School a notebook is given to each student, who uses it until the end of education. The entire document turnover is electronic; the class schedule, marks, homework and feedback are coming from teachers. In general, there is no special soft, only Google.

The schedule is, by the way, flexible — students are watching it online; changes can occur just during the day. At the lessons they are allowed to use notebooks, because they mainly work in teams and look for answers to questions as well as perform researches using Internet resources.

  1. The role of the teacher is to create the environment for learning

The task of the teacher is to dissolve boundaries of the subject and to develop the critical thinking. For example, they do not grind rules and write dictations at English lessons, but examine primary sources and write essays about social phenomena, religion and philosophy. They learn different styles in literature and create their own little stories using the diverse stylistics; they watch movies, read books and form their own vision of the content. The teacher is obliged not to tell the material, but to create the environment, where a student will discover that knowledge by itself.

  1. Lessons of foreign languages can be allied

Teachers of Spanish and English can easily make a joint lesson, where they will integrate the theme in discussions and debates with students in different languages (there everybody is called “student”, even in elementary school).

  1. Physics for practice

Mathematics and physics are taught to maximally focus on practical application of the science, and the career guidance, where this knowledge can be useful, is immediately provided.

  1. Classrooms — Laboratories

Natural sciences are taught in complex — for example, chemistry and physics can be combined into one project, on which one works during several lessons. Then, ways of the subjects can again be separate. Each classroom is the laboratory, where all phenomena can be seen alive and understood in the principle. No pathos and nothing expensive, but everything is necessary.

  1. Learning through projects

Each semester students make a group project — for example, they model an ideal president of the United States. For the record, they saw the former immigrant-environmentalist, Nobel Prize winner and Harvard graduate as a President of the future. This is the profile for future political strategists. For the time being the movies will be shot.

  1. No forms and sea of bikes

The schedule in grades is that: from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 2:45 pm; Wednesday is often a day off. There is no uniform, but the athletic field and parking for bicycles are available.

  1. Position of a Director is elective

Directors are elected by teachers’ council and appointed based on the terms of a contract; the choice is made according to the School development strategy, being offered by each candidate.

At School there is an excellent atmosphere; this is really an example of a future school, where everything is created for personal development.