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International school

The International School is the school of the full academic cycle. We provide with the high quality education for children and their parents. We guarantee the high quality standard of education based on the best and advanced training programs using the latest technologies. This is the first multilingual school with English as the basic language and one lesson in Ukrainian and Russian a day.If necessary, your child may receive one lesson in its native language apart from the principal language. The program contains additional foreign languages at parents’ preferences: French, German, Chinese, Polish and others.Our School is an official Educational Institution, which is registered and entered into the register of educational institutions of Ukraine approved by the Ministry of Education, as well as has the license.


The International School is the professional Educational Institution for:

Early development of children;


School students.

This is the Educational Center having its own programs for the lingual development of the whole family.

We apply efficient educational methods – the best for our children (Ukrainian, Finnish, British, Montessori and many other practices)
Our educators go for upgrading qualification training and practices in the countries all over the world.
Teachers from all over the WORLD come to work for us!