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There is no secret for everybody that the autumn-summer period is distinguished by increased epidemiological threshold. At the same time it is absolutely not important, how this year one will «call» the respiratory virus; the important thing is that it is transmitted by droplet infection and affects the respiratory system in the first place. However, […]

Nowadays School

Nowadays School: 8 facts about School No school uniforms, projects dedicated to presidents, and allied lessons of foreign languages The profile School focuses on training in biotechnical sciences, engineering, mathematics, chemistry and physics. The non-standard School: in ordinary American high school 1200 – 2000 people attend studying courses, here – only 320 schoolchildren. The School […]

How to learn and educate a child?

How to learn and educate a child? Only with close interaction and taking into account its interests. And how to get your child be heard? How to know its interests? And if it is still small and just learning to speak? Feelings are needed to be listened to. But as often happens, an adult says […]

8 books for development of the emotional intellect of a child

How to raise a happy person BOOKS 4704 We have repeatedly written about the importance of the emotional intellect — the ability to cope with emotions, to recognize emotions of other people, and to control complex experiences. This is one of the key skills of successful people and it is necessary to learn it from […]


  The psychologist Svetlana Roiz: about the dangers of child-centrism and parental perfectionism being now fashionable. Many fathers recognize their wives in this text. And not only them When I see advertisements of each next training «How to be an ideal parent» or «How to raise an obedient/successful/famous child», once again I dream to create […]


The psychologist Svetlana Roiz brought all the reasons for lack of motivation into focus. That is most often not the point of children. I am often turned to with such a request as: «I want the psychologist to work with a schoolchild. No motivation to study at all». But the psychologist can not wave a […]

Problem of education

The problem of education is not children; it is rather adults, as said by brilliant Italian teacher and father of four children Franco Nembrini. Similar views are shared by many psychologists: «Everything we desire to change in children should be, first of all, checked with care: whether it is that, what would be better to […]