from 18 months old

Work hours: from 8:00 till 19:00

10 children per group

Catering:  4 meals a daysnack

Coordination of all educational sections by the administrator

School-bus may drive your child from and to the home door at the agreed upon time.

Frequently asked questions


Why is it better for a child to start learning a foreign language at the early age?

At preschool age (especially, from 1 to 5 years old) a child’s language is in the stage of active formation, therefore, during this period it should be intensively trained and developed as much as any other muscles and parts of the body.

When a child studies not only in its native language, but also in foreign one, this is a kind of training, which increases possibilities of a child, develops its intellect, activates the types of thinking in it, as well as contributes to the formation of self-confidence and strong position on life.

Moreover, in the future your child will easily fill up its vocabulary with foreign words at school and will not feel the language barrier in communication with foreigners.

How to make the adaptation of a child to kindergarten painless?

  1. To start preparing a child psychologically in advance (tell it what is the kindergarten, who goes there and what is done there).
  2. Play with your child the scratch game “Kindergarten” (when playing, model the situation of getting acquaintance with other children, etc., and also try to strictly keep regular hours).
  3. For the initial few days, leave your child in the kindergarten only for 2-3 hours, and then gradually increase the time interval (since the second week try to pick up your baby immediately after the sleep, during the third one – after the evening walk).
  4. When saying good-bye to a mother in the morning, a child often begins to be capricious and cry. In such a case you should calmly kiss it, take it into your arms and tell that you will certainly pick up it.

There is no need to leave a child and go out, if it is not ready yet. Spend time together with your baby within the walls of the educational institution as long as it’s required for it to be fully adapted.

When your baby feels safe, it will let you go itself.

The adaptation period lasts, as s rule, about 2-3 weeks. Therefore you need to just have a little patience!

What documents and certificates are required to entry into the kindergarten?

A copy of Birth Certificate of a child;

A copy of one parent’s passport: the first and third pages as well as the page with the residence permit;

Medical statement of a child’s good health, which is issued by the district doctor (or attending primary care physician). This statement is issued on the basis of findings obtained by specialized physicians as well as test results (Form 026/у)

Medical statement of the district doctor on the epidemiological environment. Such statement (about absence of infectious diseases) is valid only 3 days, therefore it will not be possible to get it in advance (Form №63).

Can we be unalarmed about the food, having put a child in your kindergarten?

Yes, certainly! Your child will get the best wholesome and balanced 4-time meals with consideration of all age and physical particularities as well as taste preferences.

We draw attention to the fact that our “delicious” partner “ArtEcoCafe” guarantees the freshness and quality of all the dishes, providing on a daily basis with relevant quality certificates.

In addition, you can use a dietary table and be sure that your child will daily receive the full complex vitamin set of seasonal fruit and vegetables.