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40 phrases, which shouldn’t be forgotten by the parents – INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

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40 phrases, which shouldn’t be forgotten by the parents

  1. To be angry is normal.
    2. I will help you to calm down.
    3. To be sad is normal.
    4. I will be sitting beside you.
    5. To feel disappointed is normal. I felt it too.
    6. It is normal.
    7. I like what you are.
    8. You are important to me.
    9. I am listening to.
    10. I am here.
    11. You do not have to make me happy.
    12. You are more than your emotions, because they will pass.
    13. I can cope with emotions, no matter how great they are.
    14. I want to watch how you are playing.
    15. Of course, I will join you.
    16. Let me lie down with you.
    17. You make me smile.
    18. I believe in you.
    19. I trust you.
    20. You can handle it.
    21. You are not ideal, me too, but our love is perfect.
    22. Thank you.
    23. I am proud of you.
    24. I am glad you are here.
    25. To make mistakes is normal.
    26. Don’t hurry.
    27. You are strong.
    28. I am proud that I am your mother.
    29. You are brave.
    30. I forgive you.
    31. I think about you.
    32. I’ve missed you.
    33. It is normal that you changed your mind.
    34. To ask for help is normal.
    35. I hear you.
    36. I see you.
    37. Forgive me.
    38. You make my life better.
    39. You are a capable child.
    40. You are worthy.
    41. You mean very much to me.
    42. I love you just as you love me.